Handpiece Maintenance Machines Is it time to make the move?

EXTENDING THE LIFE OF YOUR HANDPIECES Proper maintenance—including cleaning, lubrication and purging—is critical to getting the most life out of your handpiece investment. Hayes has been repairing handpieces for over 30 years, and we know the number one reason for premature handpiece failure is improper maintenance. However, the reality is that most practices struggle to […]


If you want to preserve your ultrasonic scaler investment, make sure to follow these important tips from Hayes. Hayes has over 30 years of experience maintaining, repairing and selling ultrasonic units and inserts.   Insert Stacks & Tips • Replace O-rings on stacks quarterly. • Inspect the insert stacks monthly, and replace if bent. • When […]


A More Robust Cutting Tool That Resists Breakage BY JOSEPH FEY, PRESIDENT & CO-OWNER OF MAVERICK DENTAL, LLC Caught between an important family commitment at the end of the day and the reality that you are running half an hour behind, it just makes sense to focus, push through and catch up. Your last patient […]

Time for Your Hayes Monthly Checkup

Service from Hayes just got even easier. We reviewed our most common customer requests and compiled a list of services that we now offer as a convenient Monthly Checkup. This is an easy way to improve production, limit your downtime, keep patients and employees safe and manage HIPAA, CDC and OSHA compliance. The new Hayes […]

Specialty Handpieces: Don’t Overlook Proper Maintenance

IN RECENT YEARS, MANY GENERAL DENTISTS AND DENTAL SPECIALISTS HAVE ADOPTED NEW TECHNOLOGY AND DIFFERENT TYPES OF HANDPIECES TO HELP GROW THEIR PRACTICE AND BETTER SERVE THEIRPATIENTS. In addition to specialists using new tools to improve their dentistry and patient care, general dentists are increasingly bringing endodontic and implant procedures into their practices. MAINTENANCE TIPS […]


Hayes Offers Comprehensive In-Office CE Courses for Dental Professionals Handpiece & Sterilizer Maintenance Improper maintenance is the #1 reason for premature handpiece failure. Protect your investment, and get the maximum life out of your handpieces and sterilizer. * Learn proper maintenance procedures for high-speeds, low-speed motors, swivels, scalers, surgical drills and attachments * Understand different […]

Dental Unit Water Quality: What the CDC Wants You to Know [Part 2]

The CDC has recently released new guidelines pertaining to dental unit waterlines—the plastic tubing that carries water to high-speed handpieces, air/water syringes and ultrasonic scalers. Dental unit waterlines are inherently problematic for several reasons. The waterlines are ideal breeding grounds for bacterial growth and biofilm due to narrow tubing, inconsistent flow and the retraction of […]

New CDC Guidelines: What You Need to Know (Part 1)

The Oral Health Division of the CDC recently released new recommendations. The recommendations are extensive but here we highlight a few key areas that your practice should be aware of. Sterilization and Disinfection of Patient-Care Items and Devices The CDC recommends that cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of dental equipment be handled by a dental professional […]

What’s Stinking Up Your Operatory?

If you don’t clean your dental unit waterlines, microorganisms grow into slimy bacterial colonies and attach to waterline tubing, causing foul odors and taste, and leading to equipment corrosion. To give you an idea of the amount of bacteria in your waterlines, the CDC guidelines explain that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets the standard […]