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You Trust Hayes for your Handpieces
- Now Trust us for your Dental Burs -

Hayes now has an extensive Carbide and Diamond dental burs offering. Let us now take care of your burs to ensure they work in harmony with your handpieces. Whether you are looking for a one-piece or two-piece carbides we can meet your needs. If you are looking for disposable or reusable dental burs we can meet your needs. If you want Top brands at reduced pricing we can meet your needs.

Call your local rep on 800.228.0521 for these amazing bur dental tool offers:

Premier Two Striper Dental Burs:

  • Buy 10 packs (@47.99 each) get 2 Free
  • Average price per 5 pack is just $39.99
  • Save up to $12 per 5-pack ($120 per order)

Pac Dent Operative Carbide Burs:

  • 100 Pack for just $99 per pack
  • Minimum order must be $300
  • Everyday pricing is $119 per 100 pack

SS White Dental Burs:

  • Buy 3 10-packs (@ $20.81 ea., Get 1 FREE)
  • Average price per 10-pack just $15.60 10-pack just $15.60
  • Hayes saves you $5 per pack Hayes saves you $5 per pack Everyday starting price = $20.81

Micro Copy Diamonds:

  • 25-pack starting at $45.99

Hayes Dental Bur Range & Information

Dental Carbides Burs:
Maverick One-Piece Carbides

Eliminate breakage, smoother, faster cutting.

From the bottom of the shank to the very top of the flutes, our one-piece operative carbide burs are machined from a singular monolithic piece of tungsten carbide. This optimal, albeit more costly, manufacturing process eliminates breakage consistently experienced with traditional two-piece burs.

Without weld and solder points, weak links are removed. Additionally, with more robust construction and optimal tooth geometry, vibration and chatter are reduced and cutting efficiency is optimized in surgical procedures.

Finishing Carbides:
Create Life Like Contours and Texture

We have assembled the best collection of all purpose finishing carbides for your various clinical needs

  • Composite trimming & contouring
  • Orthodontic debonding
  • Refinings crown and bridge margins
  • Titanium abutment preparation (without sparking)
  • Enamel adjustment during equilibrium
  • Shaping of temporary crown

Lab Carbides:
Treat yourself to the finest, sharpest cutters available

Maverick laboratory carbide burs are designed with the cutting surface of varying rake and helix angles to optimally engage the intended material with excellent feel and control. With our ideal blade designs, cutting efficiency is improved, evacuation enhanced and finished surfaces are much smoother.

  • Speed and pressure sensitive – you determine the rate of reduction and quality of the finish
  • Titanium nitride treated to extend tool life

Dental Diamond Burs:
An amazing balance of cutting, efficiency and longevity

Maverick high speed diamonds are crafted by German technicians who have perfected the art of manufacturing diamond cutting tools.

Each shape and size is manufactured according to a specified protocol, maximizing retention of the diamond grit size particle to the shank while exposing the greatest percentage of each particle, resulting in the absolute best cutting efficiency to the tooth structure.

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