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Top 9 Mistakes with Infection Control

Preventing the transmission of disease is why infection prevention protocols are so important and must be followed in detail, to break the chain of infection. The unique challenges of both COVID-19 and seasonal influenza require special attention by the entire dental team.

Dr. Karson Carpenter, leading clinician, President of Compliance Training Partners and an OSHA authorized trainer, will review the top 9 mistakes dental offices make regarding infection control, including inadequate employee training, choosing the wrong PPE and improper disinfection techniques.

In addition, Dr. Carpenter will provide the latest guidance and best practices from OSHA and the CDC for safely and profitably practicing during the pandemic period.

Other learning objectives include:
– Understanding how elements of infection control can decrease liability for your business
– Knowing what practices can do to enhance the safety of both patients and staff.
– Developing strategies for dental healthcare facilities to optimize personal protective equipment (PPE)
– Reviewing important infection control and safety products (air water tips, surface barriers, gloves, wipes, disposable jackets, face masks, respirators)

Ensure that you follow best practice for CDC infection control guidelines & training so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

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