Dental School to Practice Ownership in Under 2 Years: ADA Practice Transitions Makes Perfect Match

ADA Practice Transitions program which helps dentists find and transition into new practices, including ownership opportunities.

The speaker, Dr. Shalino, is a retired dentist who found an associate through the ADA Practice Transitions program.

The program helped him find a dentist who was a good fit for him and his practice, and within a year and a half to two years of post-graduation, the associate purchased the practice. The program works by having dentists fill out an extensive profile on the ADA Practice Transitions website, and then matching them with a dentist or practice that fits their needs.

He is pleased with the outcome of the ADA Practice Transitions program, and is happy that his associate, Kristen, was able to purchase the practice within a short period of time. He also notes that the program helped him slow down and put off patients, something he felt he couldn’t do before.

The program’s matching process is based on an extensive profile, and uses questions and sliders to ensure that the match is a good fit. The manual and support provided by the program also helped guide the transition process, and the speaker felt supported throughout the process.

Overall, the speaker considers the program a success story.

Here are the important points of their experience about the program:
– The ADA Practice Transitions program helps dentists find and transition into new practices, including ownership opportunities.
– Dentists can find the program and fill out a profile on the ADA Practice Transitions website. The profile includes questions about the dentist’s goals, preferences, and needs in order to find a practice that is a good fit.
– The program provides support and guidance throughout the transition process, including a manual with answers to common questions and problems.

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