The Hayes Executive Team

John Hayes Co- Founder Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

John Hayes

Co-founder, Chairman of the Board

John started in the dental business in 1965 at Wrights Dental Supply house as a territory sales representative calling on dentists. Over the years, he worked for various dental equipment manufacturers including Densco, which was the first company to develop a high-speed handpiece in 1967. He managed various supply houses and eventually developed and patented a dental product of his own, then launched an equipment manufacturing company. He sold the product and founded a dental equipment sales and service company in 1986 which included handpiece repair. In 1989, John sold the equipment part of the business and founded Hayes Handpiece Company along with his wife Jo. John currently acts as president of the company overseeing the main repair center, training of new franchisees, and developing new products and services.

Joe Hayes Co- Founder Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Joe Hayes


In 1993, while attending Arizona State University, Joe started his own handpiece repair business. Joe built the Hayes Handpiece Tempe business from the ground up and sold it in 1995. He then started Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc., educating small business owners throughout the world on how to repair and maintain dental handpieces. As the CEO of Hayes, Joe manages new franchise sales, on-site training for new franchises, marketing, trade shows, and the overall direction of the company.

Jo Hayes Co- Founder Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Jo Hayes


Co Founder, Head of Administrative & Human Resources – Jo has worked with John at various businesses including the manufacturing business and the equipment sales business. In 1985, Jo took on a sales representative job with Phase Alloy, a dental filling material company. Since 1989, Jo has managed the administrative and human resources aspects of the corporate offices and repair centers on a day-to-day basis.

Diane Roerig Vice President Operations Hayes Handpiece Franchise Inc

Diane Roerig

Vice President Operations

Diane was the first unofficial franchisee in Boulder, Colorado when her father John Hayes set her up to do repairs in 1990. She since moved to Oregon to operate the franchise in Grant’s Pass, sold the business, and started Hayes East Bay. In 2001, she sold East Bay and moved to corporate. She is now in charge of the entire parts department.

Scott Smola Vice President Sales & Marketing Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Scott Smola

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Scott Smola, formerly of Hu-Friedy manufacturing joined Hayes Handpiece in January 2009. As Vice President Sales & Marketing, Scott oversees all daily business operations, sales personnel, and repair operations, and interfaces with all Franchisee locations to help with the development of their businesses.

Casey Hayes Vice President of Sales Hayes Handpiece Franchises Inc.

Casey Hayes

Vice President of Sales

Casey Hayes started with Hayes Handpiece Company in 2003 as the owner of the Kansas City franchise. He then moved to Chicago in 2005 to develop the Chicago market for Hayes corporate and set up a Midwest repair operation and distribution center. As Vice President of Sales, Casey’s responsibilities include sales representative training, franchise education, customer service, and territory development, and product education and sales.

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