FDI President Ihsane Ben Yahya – Pledge for sustainable dentistry

The healthcare sector is responsible for around five percent of Global Greenhouse emissions of which all Healthcare is an important contributor.

Climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity are problems that affect everyone including you, your family and friends for far too long.

The impact of Dentistry on our environment was overlooked.

Prof Ihasane Ben Yahya is so proud of FDI and as key stakeholders from the dental industry and the dental profession for Spar heading efforts to make all Health Care More sustainable today.

They have a weight of results that stem from the sustainability in dentistry project to educate patients, dentists and the wider oral healthcare community on how to reduce the carbon footprint of our profession.

Make sure to keep your practice compliant with Dental Staff Training

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Handpiece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Program