Hayes Handpiece Repair Monmouth & Maine

Hayes Handpiece Maine

Hayes Maine is owned and operated by Kristin Sanborn and Jeff Howes. Kris is a dental hygienist with 27 years of experience in all aspects of the dental office. Jeff brings business operations experience to Hayes Maine and handles all repairs. This ensures continuity and the ability to pinpoint issues on a practice-to-practice basis. Our individual attention allows Hayes Maine to make maintenance recommendations benefiting the practice.

We provide focused staff training from a unique perspective benefiting the staff and the doctor, enabling them to maintain their equipment and save the practice time and money.

Hayes Maine services all areas of Maine and we are happy to provide mailers for shipping your repairs. We look forward to providing our customers with personalized and comprehensive service. Kristin Sanborn, IPDH

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Hayes Handpiece Repair Monmouth & Maine
Kristin Sanborn & Jeff Howes
81 Maple Street
Monmouth, Maine 4259
United States
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