Low-Speed Handpieces

We specialize in low-speed motors, attachments, and heads for:

  • Midwest
  • Star
  • KaVo
  • Lares
  • NSK/Brasseler
  • W&H/A-dec
  • Bien-Air
  • MTI Lynx
  • Ask about other manufacturers

Call your local Hayes office for pricing and warranties

Low-Speed Motors

  • Replacement of bearings, o-rings, seats – and depending on make/model
    – all parts required to achieve optimum performance
  • Thorough Cleaning
  • Testing under load of 35 to 40 psi

Motor/rotor housing replacement also available


Standard Overhaul Includes:

  • Replacement of bearings, gears, springs and seals (when applicable)
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Testing

Low-Speed Head Overhaul &
Aftermarket Replacement

  • KaVo push-button
  • KaVo latch
  • Midwest push-button
  • Midwest standard ball bearing
  • Midwest standard
  • Star push-button
  • Star standard ball bearing
  • Star standard

Non-rebuildable cartridges may require replacement.
Call your local Hayes office for pricing and warranties.

Staff Training

Local, convenient service from the handpiece experts. With over 80 locations to serve you, Hayes is your best solution for hassle-free handpiece repair. We’ll come to your office to get you back up and running, and we’ll train your staff to properly maintain your equipment. We’re at your service.

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