Operatory Maintenance Training from Hayes

The Hayes operatory maintenance training session gives you information on how to maintain the operatory equipment to reduce repair costs, improve efficiencies for the office and prevent downtime. The course covers vacuum line and air compressor maintenance and instruction on setting proper air pressures for each type of handpiece. We also discuss dental unit waterline cleaning and maintenance. We can show you how to properly disinfect, transport and organize items in the operatory, and can review what to consider when replacing equipment. Hayes recommends you check dental unit air pressures yearly.

High air pressures will cause damage to the handpieces and low air pressures will not provide sufficient power. Hayes can test your air pressures and walk you through proper PSI. It’s also important to refer back to a PSI chart so you know the proper air pressure for each type of handpiece. Ask your Hayes representative for a chart.

To schedule an operatory maintenance training session, please contact your local Hayes office.