CDC Guidelines for Sterilization and Disinfection of Dental Instruments Information

Why do you think Sterilization and Disinfection of dental instruments is important in your dental office ❓❓
🟡Sterilization and Disinfection is the process carried out to reduce risks of transfer of infection ,elimination of bacterial, viral and fungal reservoirs and establishing discipline for asepsis.
🟡Vigorous safeguards, exact technique and controlled professional standards are required to protect the health and welfare of persons receiving treatment as well as the dentist and the dental staff.
🟡Every staff of your dental office should be well aware about the complete protocol of sterilization and disinfection.

✅This video explains 4 steps of sterilization-
1) Cleaning of the dental instruments
2) Sterilization
4) Storage

Your patient’s safety is important! Ensure that you manage and maintain your dental equipment and your practice is OSHA compliant so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Hand piece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Program”>CDC Guidelines and Infection Control Training