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Dental Handpiece Sterilization and Maintenance

Dental handpieces, instruments, and equipment are a costly investment and every dental office needs to have a team that is knowledgeable in its proper care and maintenance.

Poorly maintained dental handpieces , instruments, and equipment can compromise the quality of performance, lead to potential health and safety risks and can cause costly and time-consuming repair .

Dental equipment maintenance and sterilization of handpieces and instruments must be conducted on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to ensure high performance dental practice and safety for both patients and employees.

Our dental sterilization and equipment maintenance training will provide you and your team with the proper knowledge in taking care of your dental handpieces, instruments , and operatory equipment.

Dental Handpiece Sterilization Training

Handpiece US offers the best training courses in sterilization, instrument maintenance, and more. Our courses are designed by industry experts who have been working with dental equipment since 1985. We offer a variety of different types of courses from one day seminars to three day classes that will give you all the knowledge you need to properly maintain your dental equipment.

You’ll learn how to disinfect, disassemble, inspect, lubricate and reassemble your instruments so they last longer while also maintaining their original quality. Our instructors will be there every step of the way teaching you everything there is about proper care for your equipment so that it can continue operating at its highest level possible. With our training program we guarantee that when you leave our course not only will you know how to properly take care of your equipment but also why certain procedures should be done in order for them to work correctly.

Dental Equipment Maintenance

Hayes Handpiece US is the leading manufacturer of handpieces and instruments. We offer a complete line of maintenance products, including ultrasonic cleaners, rotary brushes, lubricants, and more. Our goal is to help you achieve optimal performance from your dental equipment by providing high-quality products at an affordable price.

You’ll never have to worry about bacteria or contaminants on your equipment again with our sterilization solutions that are easy to use and effective in killing 99% of all germs! And we make it simple for you by offering everything from one place – no need to shop around! Get what you need today without having to wait weeks for shipping. Plus, if there’s anything else you might be looking for just let us know so we can get it right away! It’s time that everyone had access to the best tools available in dentistry – not just those who can afford them! That’s why we’re here – because everyone deserves quality care they deserve at an affordable price. Let us show how much better life could be with proper dental equipment maintenance & sterilization…and leave the rest up to us!

Dental Handpiece Maintenance

Improper maintenance is the #1 reason for premature handpiece failure. Protect your investment, and get the maximum life out of your handpieces by following our handpiece maintenance instructions included in our training.

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Dental Handpiece Sterilization | Dental Instrument Sterilization

Taking care of your instruments makes them safer and more effective, so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency. Hayes will show you how to process your instruments and prevent infection through our dental sterilization training. Also, we’ll audit different types of dental burs or any instrument to determine what needs to be sharpened or replaced.

  • Learn about the importance of pre-soaking instruments
  • Review cleaning, rinsing, and drying techniques
  • Improve the life of your sterilizer
  • Look at lubrication and sterilization procedures
  • Evaluate instruments for sharpening or replacement
  • Determine optimal instrument quantity based on patient load

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Dental Operatory Maintenance

This presentation will provide information on how to maintain the operatory equipment to reduce repair costs, improve efficiencies for the office, and prevent downtime.

Our dental operatory maintenance course will cover:

  • Vacuum line maintenance
  • Air compressor maintenance
  • Setting proper air pressure for handpieces
  • Dental unit waterline cleaning and maintenance

Best Practices

  • Properly disinfecting items in the operatory
  • Transporting items to and from the operatory
  • Lighting in the operatory
  • Organizing items in the operatory
  • What to consider when replacing equipment

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