10 Step Service Process

Your complete solution for handpiece repairs, cleaning and maintenance

Check out our 10-step process for servicing your high-speed handpiece or download a copy of our 10-Step Process Brochure.

1. Schedule a Free Pick Up

Discuss the Problem you are having

2. Look Up the Warranty Information

Using our customized warranty tracking software, we determine if the handpiece is still covered under our repair warranty.

3. Diagnose the Problem

  • Test water spray, chuck strength and turbine
  • Test for air leaks
  • Check fiber optics
  • Look for any cracks or dents
  • Ream head if applicable

4. Disassemble the Handpiece if applicable

Remove all moving parts and components

5. Clean the Handpiece

  • Clean all components using proprietary cleaning techniques
  • Remove all debris including rust from the drive air tube, exhaust tube and chip air and chip water tubes
  • Clean internal head
  • Clean head and remove dents when necessary
  • Clean and polish external shell and fiber optic ports

6. Check Impeller and Spindle for Wear and Nicks

7. Test for Concentricity

The concentricity gauge allows Hayes technicians to prevent bur deflection from exceeding .0011 inches, which reduces stress and potential damage to the handpiece turbine.

Perform concentricity tests using proprietary equipment called a concentricity gauge
Maintain International Standards Organization (ISO) standards of .0011 inches or less of total indicator run-out (TIR)

8. Overhaul Handpiece and Reassemble

  • If the turbine is rebuildable, we rebuild it with premium parts and bearings to O.E.M. standards
  • If the turbine failed chuck strength and/or concentricity tests, we install a replacement turbine
  • Inspect and repair water spray to ensure proper atomization
  • Check water and chip air tube
  • Replace O-rings
  • Replace fiber optics if necessary
  • Replace end gasket if applicable
  • Rethread if applicable

9. Test Torque, RPM, and Noise

10. Deliver the Handpiece and Review Maintenance Procedures with your Staff

  • Discuss maintenance for high-speeds, low-speeds, swivels, scalers, fiber optics, and attachments
  • Review different types of lubricants and cleaners
  • Check air pressure for each handpiece
  • Review different types of autoclaves and related procedures

Staff Training

Local, convenient service from the handpiece experts. With over 80 locations to serve you, Hayes is your best solution for hassle-free handpiece repair. We’ll come to your office to get you back up and running, and we’ll train your staff to properly maintain your equipment. We’re at your service.

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