1st Strategy to Increase Dental Office Staff Productivity

1st Strategy to Increase Dental Office Staff Productivity

It’s frustrating when your dental team is always behind. No matter what you do, they never seem to catch up.

➤ If productivity of your dental staff isn’t where you need it to be.
➤ Maybe you have lost a key member of staff and are having trouble finding a replacement
➤ You have enough staff but they are not getting everything done that is required

When you have staffing issues in your dental practice it’s often thought the best way is to just hire new staff, but that is very rarely the solution

In these short (3-5 minute) videos, discover the 1st strategy to increase your staff”s productivity, keep staff costs low and still get everything done.

Productivity y is very important when dealing with patients and colleagues. Ensure that your practice is compliant with Professional Dental OSHA Training

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Handpiece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Program

For the 2nd strategy to increase dental staff productivity please visit here.