The 3rd Strategy to Increase Dental Office Staff Productivity

3rd Strategy to Increase Dental Office Staff Productivity

In these short (3-5 minute) videos, discover the 3rd strategy to increase your staff’s productivity, keep staff costs low and still get everything done.

➤ Maybe someone on your staff isn’t as productive as you would like.
➤ Or you’ve lost someone in a key position and you’re having difficulty finding a replacement.
➤ Or possibly you have enough staff, but important things are still not getting done.

When faced with these tough situations, we think, maybe we should hire another person to solve the problem. But in most cases, that’s not the best solution.

Hayes will help you ensure that your practice is compliant with Professional Dental OSHA Training

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Handpiece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Program

If you missed them please watch the first strategy for improving dental staff productivity and the second video on improving dental staff productivity.