Do Your Homework: Not All Ultrasonic Scalers are Created Equal

Hayes Handpiece Ultrasonic Scalers

You have many choices when it comes to ultrasonic scalers—and whether it’s magnetostrictive or piezoelectric—not all units are created equal. Higher-quality scalers can be calibrated with better precision to generate power strokes in a more consistent manner so each cycle is identical on the top and bottom.

Many units cannot be calibrated to precise, consistent high and lows, resulting in each stroke being different. Power revolutions cycle from 25 then 22 then 24 then 23, so the cut is different each time. It’s kind of like having a saw with different sized-teeth or a bearing with three different-sized bearings in a cage—not ideal for the job. High-quality ultrasonic scalers give you smooth and consistent results and they last longer.  Talk to your Hayes rep about different scaler options and what’s best for your practice.

Hu-Friedy Inserts

Now Available from your LOCAL Hayes Representative

Hayes sells a complete line of Hu-Friedy Magnetostrictive, Swivel, Streamline and Direct Flow ultrasonic inserts at very competitive prices. We can evaluate your inserts and help determine when your inserts need to be replaced. We can also walk you through all the proper maintenance procedures for making each insert last longer.

Hayes can repair most models of ultrasonic scalers including CAVITRON®, AUTOSCALER, COLETENE/WHALEDENT, BIOSONIC, TPC, DELMARVA, VETROSON and TONY RISO.

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