Easy Steps To Help You Take Care of Your Ultrasonic Scaler


Easy Steps To Help You Take Care of Your Ultrasonic Scaler

If you want to preserve your ultrasonic scaler investment, make sure to follow these important tips from Hayes. Hayes has over 30 years of experience maintaining, repairing and selling ultrasonic units and inserts.  

Insert Stacks & Tips

• Replace O-rings on stacks quarterly.

• Inspect the insert stacks monthly, and replace if bent.

• When opening autoclave bags, open like a bag of chips and don’t poke the insert stack through the bag, which can easily bend the stack.

• Inspect tips according to manufacturer wear guides, and replace when they appear worn.

• Worn inserts can create heat on the tooth because the insert is not long enough to disperse the heat prior to reaching the tooth. The hygienist will also have to work harder with worn inserts because the insert is working less effectively.

Ultrasonic Unit

• Proper waterline treatment is essential for ultrasonic unit performance.

• When the waterline filter becomes discolored, the filter should be replaced.

• Disinfect the surfaces of the cabinet, cords, cables, foot pedal and supply lines according to manufacturer instructions, but never spray disinfectant solution directly on surfaces.

• Make sure to use the low power settings with thin inserts.

• Bleed the unit to prevent air bubbles in the lines, which causes the sheath and tip to overheat. Bleed for 30 seconds to 1 minute by holding the sheath/handle upright, so bubbles come to the top. Let off the rheostat several times and start again so the push of water will remove air bubbles from the sides of the tubing. Make sure you bleed until no bubbles appear.

Call your local Hayes representative for more ultrasonic maintenance help! Hayes also sells a complete line of Hu-Friedy Magnetostrictive, Swivel, Streamline and Direct Flow Ultrasonic Inserts. We also repair most models of ultrasonic scalers including CAVITRON® , AUTOSCALER, COLETENE/WHALEDENT, BIOSONIC, TPC, DELMARVA, VETROSON and TONY RISO.


Hayes Handpiece also provides in-house and online staff training on handpiece practical care and federal regulatory compliance. To learn more about our training topics, you may visit the links below: