How High-Speed Dental Handpieces Work?

How High-Speed Dental Handpieces Work?

What is a High-Speed Handpiece?

Hand-held drills or high-speed handpieces are used to remove tooth structure and create margins, but they’re not just for drilling holes. A tool like a hand-held drill can be helpful in preparing cavities deep under the gum line where you won’t have access without cutting away some of the bone first with something like a rongeur or periosteal elevator which is way more difficult than using this handy little device that spins 400 thousand rotations per minute.

How Fast Does the High-Speed Handpiece Run? 

  • The speed of the turbine depends on how much air pressure you are supplying, the size of your turbine’s assembly, and its components. For example, if there is more PSI then that means a faster rotation rate for less wind power in comparison to lower levels.
  • An average-sized turbine (such as a Midwest Tradition) running at 38 PSI should spin about 400,000 RPM.
  • Larger turbines, such as the KaVo Super Torque, spin at 325,000 RPM and weigh more than other smaller models because of their size.

How Does a High-Speed Handpiece Work?

  • The air turns the turbine in front of your handpiece.
  • The turbine is a tiny circular machine that rotates to create energy. It consists of two miniature bearings, an impeller, and a spindle/chuck assembly that holds the burs .
  • Air is introduced into the handpiece via the chair unit, goes through a small tube connected to an airline attached at one end of said handpiece, and attaches on its other side with brackets. The air then travels up in another larger pipe that connects both pipes together along their whole length until it reaches “the head” which has two parts: 1)a turbine located inside 2snd 3)an impeller outside of this device.
  • The air is then forced out of the head and moves back down through the shell, exiting at its back end exhaust port.

Dental high-speed handpieces can vary in design, material, and features. Be sure whichever dental high-speed handpiece you choose will work well for your needs with a long life so it pays off. Price points for high-speed handpieces can vary greatly, giving you the option to get one with all of the bells and whistles or affordable and good quality. However whatever your price point is make sure it comes with a solid warranty so you don’t have any problems later on down the line.

In any event that you encounter problems with your dental handpieces, Hayes Handpiece can be your dental handpiece repair expert. We service, maintain, and repair all major high speed , low speed , surgical , implant , electric and endodontic handpieces such as:

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