Introducing the ADA Science & Research Institute (ADASRI)

Introducing the ADA Science & Research Institute (ADASRI)

Established in 2020, the mission of the ADA Science & Research Institute is to improve lives through oral health, science, and research.

At the ADA Science and Research Institute, thought leaders and researchers come together to advance patient care. ADASRI is on the cutting-edge of oral health research. Access to expertise, information, and collaboration push us forward together.

Sharing resources and information lets us build innovation on top of innovation—advancing oral health science in the laboratory, the classroom and the clinic, the dental office, the dental aisle, and beyond.

In this video, ADA will show you the following:

  • What is ADASRI
  • Research
  • ADA Standards
  • Educating the public and the profession

Ensure that your practice is compliant with Professional Dental OSHA Training.

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