Is Your Group Practice Ready for the Next Step?

Is Your Group Practice Ready for the Next Step?

In the context of dental practice acquisitions, EBITDA is used to evaluate the financial performance of the practice being acquired and is often used to determine the purchase price.

Tom Snyder, a senior director of Henry Shine Dental Practice Transitions, introduces himself and other members of the panel, Scott Crowe and Mike White, who are both experienced in dental practice transitions and have been advising dental practices for buying and selling for over 20 years.

They discuss the current state of the dental industry, noting that the ratio of solo practitioners has decreased since 2021, and that most younger dentists today desire to work in a corporate setting or with another dentist. They also mention that one of the big challenges facing the profession is staffing shortages.

The panelists go on to discuss the various options available for selling a practice, including selling to another dentist, a DSO, or private equity.

They also discuss the importance of proper planning and preparation when it comes to selling a practice, including things like financial analysis and the preparation of a marketing package.

They also touch on the importance of being aware of the legal and regulatory aspects of the sale and how working with experienced professionals can help ensure a smooth and successful transition.

The panelists also provide insights into the current market trends, as well as strategies for maximizing value when selling a practice.

Overall, the presentation aims to provide valuable information and guidance to dental professionals who are considering selling their practice, whether they are solo practitioners or part of a DSO.

Dr. Thomas Synder will highlight the following:
– Overview of current trends in the dental profession, such as the high level of activity around acquisitions.
– Discuss EBITDA, including what it is and why it’s used during acquisitions
– Overview of the consolidation trend in the dental profession, including how long it’s been going on and what might be expected in the next 5 to 7 years
– Advice on foundational things that dentists should be doing now to prepare for a potential acquisition, from a legal and financial perspective.

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