Is Your Sterilization Center Compliant, Efficient & Safe?

Is Your Sterilization Center Compliant, Efficient & Safe?

The sterilization center has never been more critical to the safe operation of the dental practice. While balancing standard sterilization protocols, ensuring that your team is operating equipment correctly, and staying up to date on the latest guidance may seem daunting, having the right workflows in place can help minimize mistakes, decrease liability for your business and keep your practice compliant with safety regulations.

Dr. Carpenter and Ms. Thompson will review common mistakes made during the sterilization and infection control process, such as inadequate employee training, improper use of sterilization equipment, cassettes or pouches — and how to avoid them.

In addition, Dr. Carpenter and Ms. Thompson will provide a review of:

• Important U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines on proper setup of the sterilization room for optimal infection control, highlighting four designated areas: 1) receiving, cleaning and decontamination 2) preparation and packaging 3) sterilization 4) storage
• OSHA safety regulations that affect the sterilization area and process
• Instrument processing as a key infection control prevention technique, including management of contaminated instruments, as well as their cleaning, preparation and packaging
• How to reduce “bottlenecks” in your sterilization room by developing a workspace that is optimal for efficient and safe workflow, with emphasis on location, size, proper lighting, counter space and equipment
• Training of dental team members who are responsible for operating the sterilization room, establishing a culture of safety and responsibility in the practice

Ensure that you manage and maintain your dental equipment so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Hand piece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Program CDC Guidelines and Infection Control Training