Magneto Ultrasonic Inserts

Magneto Ultrasonic Inserts

Did you know that you can spend as much as two hours per day treating your patients with power scalers?

With so much usage, choosing the best ultrasonic insert is crucial for power efficiency and comfort.

In this video, HuFriedy will show you that their variety of tip designs, handle styles, frequencies, and water delivery methods increase overall patient comfort and help you be the Best in Practice.

Maintaining your handpieces is important for the smooth operation of your dental office and Hayes handpiece Hu-Friedy handpiece repair specialists are there for you when you need it. Our technicians are factory trained to repair all the most common models of Kavo Handpieces.

Ensure that you maintain your dental handpieces so you can protect your patients at maximum efficiency.

For more assistance, contact your local Hayes Handpiece representative.

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