Mastering Beautiful Zirconia Indirect Restorations [Featuring KATANA™ Zirconia Blocks]

Mastering Beautiful Zirconia Indirect Restorations [Featuring KATANA™ Zirconia Blocks]

Katana STML is a multi-layered zirconia block designed for chairside CAD/CAM dental restorations. It is designed to provide a balance of strength and aesthetics in a single appointment.

Dr. Halpern is a dentist practinioner, lecturer and published author will discuss a CAD/CAM block called Katana STML, which is a translucent zirconia block designed for chairside restorations.

She highlights that strength, aesthetics, and chairside time are the three important factors to consider when choosing a material for restorations.

She mentions that Katana is a multi-layered block with four layers within the block, which allows for the alteration of chroma by altering the position of the restoration in the block during manufacturing.

She also mentions that it mills out 25% larger, can be cemented or bonded and has a high strength of 750 megapascals. Dr. Halpern also mentions that she has been using Katana since 2019 and has had no debonds or fractures, which is remarkable.

Additionally, she mentions that it has excellent margins, which allows for more conservative preparations. Dr. Halpern then goes on to discuss her step-by-step restorative workflow using Katana STML, including preparing the tooth, designing the restoration, milling the block, and finishing and polishing the restoration.

Dr. Karyn Halpern’s discussion includes:
1. Step-by-step restorative workflow using KATANA™ Zirconia STML Blocks from Kuraray
2. Techniques for pre-polishing, as well as finishing and polishing after sintering
3. Clinical applications specific to KATANA Zirconia STML Blocks, such as anterior and posterior crowns, inlays, onlays, laminate veneers, long-span bridges, and three-unit bridges
4. Unique features and properties of KATANA™ Zirconia STML Blocks, including high translucency and natural, lifelike color gradient
5. Overview of proper bonding and cementation protocols for the material.

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