NSK Dental Handpiece Care Tips

NSK Dental Handpiece Care Tips

NSK handpieces are manufactured using superior micro-precision production technology with tolerances less than 1,000th of a millimeter. NSK is regarded as the world’s largest manufacturer of precision high and low-speed handpieces, micro motors, and ultrasonic scalers.

To maintain peak performance during clinical procedures it’s recommended you follow these proper care and maintenance instructions to keep your NSK dental handpieces performing at their best:

How should I prepare my NSK dental handpiece for cleaning?

Start by removing the contra-angle from the motor and detach the bur. Next, remove the air turbine from coupling and detach bur. Bring instruments to a dedicated decontamination area before handling them in any way. Remove organic contaminants with a paper wipe for safety measures.

How do I clean my NSK dental handpiece?

Manual: Clean the external surface of a handpiece with running water (<38°C, demineralized water recommended). A thermo-disinfector is a machine that uses heat and steam to clean medical equipment. It can be used for autoclave or washing equipment like NSK handpieces which have this symbol on them. When using one, please follow its manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

What are the steps in properly lubricating my NSK dental handpiece?

Manual: NSK Pana Spray Plus is a lubricant that will keep your handpiece gliding smoothly and prevent mist from escaping into the environment. Use an absorbent cloth to catch any excess grease, then wipe it away with another clean cloth.

NSK iCare2/3 is an automated system that cleans and lubricates handpieces. You should make sure to use the right adaptor for each one though.

How do I correctly sterilize my NSK dental handpiece?

Place handpieces in a sterilization pouch and seal them. NSK highly recommends autoclaving up to 135°C for more thorough sterilizing if needed.

How do I store my NSK dental handpiece properly?

After the sterilization cycle, carefully remove your handpieces from the autoclave. Keep them in a dust-free and sterile environment for storage or bring them to an available treatment station ready for use.

Where do I go for NSK dental handpiece repair and maintenance?

Malfunctioning NSK handpieces should not be neglected and be left to the hands of those with insufficient experience. Hayes Handpiece offers decades of experience in NSK dental handpiece repair. To inquire about our repair locations and pricing, you may contact us at 800-228-0521.

Hayes Handpiece offers repair and maintenance of high speed, low speed, electric, endodontic and surgical handpieces as well as instrument sharpening.

Our goal is to ensure that you have less downtime for your handpieces and maximize the efficiency of your practices operating capacity. With our specialized repairs and maintenance services we can help you keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Our experienced technicians have decades of experience working with all major brands of dental handpieces and instruments including: