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OSHA Biohazardous Waste Standard

OSHA Biohazardous waste standards protect workers whose job is to handle biohazardous waste and other hazardous materials.

Biohazardous waste sometimes called medical waste refers to waste that is the risk of curing infectious diseases. All waste from dental offices can be divided into two basic categories non-regulated and regulated non-regulated waste.

Most soiled items are not regulated waste for example used gloves masks and gowns are not considered as regulated dental waste and can be added to the regular trash.

The same is true for environmental barriers used to cover equipment during treatment. The blood-borne pathogen standard defines regulated waste as liquid or semi-liquid blood or other potentially infectious material or opum.

Did you know that it can cost thirteen thousand dollars per OSHA violation to ensure that proper policies and procedures? Compliance officers conduct a weekly OSHA audit.

Make sure to keep your practice compliant with Dental OSHA Training

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