Patterson Dental Handpieces Cleaning and Sterilization Tips

Patterson Dental Handpieces Cleaning and Sterilization Tips

How do I clean and sterilize my Patterson Dental Handpiece?

Cleaning and sterilizing your Patterson dental handpieces is an important part of maintaining your instruments. Once prepared, remove the piece from coupling or motor if present before removing bur then immediately clean with soap water as it will be covered in organic material such as blood, saliva, etc. You should take a paper towel or other type of tissue to completely remove this material. The use of isopropyl alcohol will aid in cleaning the exterior. This step is required to prepare your Patterson dental handpieces for manual cleaning.

Now that you have removed the organic material, it is time to manually clean your Patterson dental handpiece. You must clean the external area with cool running water and a dedicated brush. It’s best not to use ultrasonic bath cleansing–instead, opt for automated cleaning processing in a DAC or Thermal Washer Disinfector (TWD).

To disinfect and oil your Patterson dental handpieces, clean them first with isopropyl alcohol. You should never wipe down the device using a wet cloth or cleanser since this can leave behind residue that shortens turbine life; instead, use dry wipes for cleaning to avoid spreading germs and bacteria around the room. Once you have cleaned it thoroughly, start the process by applying an appropriate amount of lubricant to each moving part as well as all gears on both ends before wiping off any excess fluid from these surfaces. Remember not to over-apply.

The following steps may be used when oiling your Patterson dental handpieces:

  1. First, obtain a can of maintenance spray that is designed for your Patterson dental handpieces.
  2. Next, connect the nozzle to the spray can. You should hold it in an upright position and place it into a small hole at the bottom of your handpiece where you must then use two seconds worth of pressure for everything to run smoothly.
  3. Once the oiling is finished, you should then wipe off any excess oil that has gotten on your dental handpiece. This step can be done with dry tissue.
  4. Make sure to spray oil directly in the air port of your Patterson dental handpieces.

Now that your Patterson dental handpieces are cleaned and oiled, it is time for sterilization. The best method for this is to place the dental instruments into an autoclave unit. It’s important to watch the temperatures on the units because if you set the temperature too high during the autoclave cycle, this can damage your handpiece. If you’re looking for experienced technicians in Patterson handpiece repair, cleaning, and maintenance you can get in touch with Hayes Handpiece at 800-228-0521.

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