PIZZA Party with Hayes OSHA Training for Dental Offices

PIZZA Party with Hayes OSHA Training for Dental Offices

Numerous work hazards are present anytime and everywhere. Dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, dental staff, and other employees can be exposed to biological, chemical, environmental, physical, and psychological workplace hazards.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA) is a federal law and is one of the ways to protect and prevent you and your workforce from job-related injuries and illnesses.

In our new video, we will cover the most commonly asked questions about OSHA and tap on the following points:

  • What is OSHA and why is it necessary to participate in the OSHA training?
  • Who needs to participate in OSHA training?
  • How frequent is the OSHA Training conducted?

With our OSHA Training class, you and your team can also choose from a 45-minute in-person or virtual class and a 30-minute compliance walk-through a week prior. We also recommend that you and your team should have the new OSHA book every five years. The book contains three CEUs for three people. If additional CEUs are needed, they are available for purchase.

With the new OSHA book, you and your team will receive:

  • 3-for-3 CEUs
  • A choice on an OSHA in-person or virtual class
  • A free HIPAA risk assessment with DDS Rescue
  • and a PIZZA Party!!!

We understand that the training can be lengthy and boring so we’re adding PIZZA and BEER (or a choice of other drinks) to keep you and your team delighted.

Stay compliant and have some PIZZA party for you and your team. Schedule an OSHA Training today by: