Health Concerns in Dentistry: Medical Dental Interaction Guide

Health Concerns in Dentistry: Medical Dental Interaction

The video is part of a monthly Henry Shine series discussing health concerns in dentistry, focusing on how to ensure the safest dental visit.

Dr. Gary Severance, along with Dr. David Resnick, discusses medical-dental interaction and how working together can improve patient outcomes. The importance of coverage is still being talked about, but the number of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 has decreased significantly since the beginning of the pandemic.

However, community transmission still guides what safety measures Dental Health Care Providers should consider. It is suggested that older individuals and immunocompromised individuals should wear masks in crowded areas to prevent the spread of not only COVID-19 but also other viruses such as cold, flu, and RSV.

Dr. Resnick emphasizes the importance of taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety and health of everyone, especially older individuals and children who have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Ensure that you follow best practice and strategies for CDC infection control guidelines & training so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

Our dental training courses can also be delivered online or in the evenings after patient schedules to ensure there is no disruption to your practice.

For more assistance contact, your local Hayes representative to help ensure that your staff and practice are compliant with your local Hayes Handpiece representative