PPO Participation and Practice Profitability

PPO Participation and Practice Profitability

The costs to operate a dental practice are the same whether a dentist is in or out of the patient’s network. Salaries, dental supplies, equipment, and modern facility maintenance must be paid at today’s standard regardless of the source of revenue. On top of expenses, your staff is overworked, your cash flow isn’t consistent, and your write-offs are through the roof…is there another option?

Let’s take a look. Dr. Greg Grobmyer will dive into PPO participation and what it can mean for your dental practice profitability.

1. The good, the bad, and the ugly of PPO network participation
2. Busting the myth that insurance participation equals lost income
3. What steps you can take that won’t sacrifice patient care, employee retention, or cash flow

To ensure that patients receive the best care possible means learning new skills and adopting new technologies.
That means training your dental staff including dental assistants, hygienists, office managers and anyone else in your practice dealing with patients or equipment.

At Hayes, we make dental staff training fun by bringing Pizza and Beer (or other drinks) during the training so your team can actually enjoy themselves.

For more assistance contact, your local Hayes representative to help ensure that your staff and practice are compliant with your local Hayes Handpiece representative