Simple Techniques for Dental Hygienists

Simple Techniques for Dental Hygienists

There’s a lot of discussion in the dental hygiene profession about how to motivate patients to keep up with their oral care routines.

But what about motivating dental hygienists? It turns out that motivational interviewing (MI) is an effective tool for keeping everyone on track.

Michelle Strange, registered dental hygienist, shares her thoughts on 4 simple techniques of motivational interviewing that you can practice with your dental patients. Such as:

  • asking open-ended questions
  • listening
  • avoid correcting the patient
  • asking permission to provide information that will help you

Ensure that your practice is compliant with Professional Dental HIPAA Training when working with your patients.

For more assistance, contact your local Hayes representative to help ensure that your staff and practice are compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and CDC.

Please watch the video in its entirety to get the full details.

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