Staff Training | Hayes Offers Comprehensive In-Office CE Courses

Staff Training | Hayes Offers Comprehensive In-Office CE Courses

Hayes Offers Comprehensive In-Office CE Courses for Dental Professionals

Handpiece & Sterilizer Maintenance

Improper maintenance is the #1 reason for premature handpiece failure. Protect your investment, and get the maximum life out of your handpieces and sterilizer.

* Learn proper maintenance procedures for high-speeds, low-speed motors, swivels, scalers, surgical drills, different kinds of dental burs, or any attachments

* Understand different lubricants and cleaners

* Review flushing and autoclaving procedures

* Learn how to get faster drying times out of your sterilizer

Instrument Processing

Taking care of your instruments makes them safer and more effective so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

* Learn about the importance of pre-soaking instruments

* Review pre-soaking, cleaning, rinsing and drying techniques

* Look at lubrication and sterilization procedures

* Evaluate instruments for sharpening or replacement

* Determine optimal instrument quantity based on patient load

Operatory Systems

We’ll teach you how to properly clean your vacuum and waterlines, and what products can increase the life of the pump and the efficiency of the vacuum. We’ll also show you ways to keep your waterlines clean, and review your operatory lighting. Do you know how to adjust your air lines for the ideal PSI for each handpiece? We’ll show you how.

* Learn how to detect if your air compressor system is functioning properly

* Understand the latest technology in pumps, compressors, and separators

* Reduce downtime and equipment costs

OSHA & CDC Pain Relief

We’ll review the most common OSHA fines for dental offices and we’ll cover how the CDC guidelines have changed over the years.

* How much could OSHA really cost you?

* Understand the latest CDC guidelines for dental

* Should you hire an OSHA consultant?

* Learn what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has to say about your handpieces and instruments

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