Taking Care of Your A-dec | W&H Handpieces

Taking Care of Your A-dec | W&H Handpieces

A-dec and W&H Handpieces

A-dec and W&H’s quality policy is built around one key tenet: creating customer success. The company has invested in research and development, manufacturing processes, inspections, certifications–all to ensure that every product they put out meets the legal requirements for safety standards.

A-dec and W&H have a variety of dental handpieces for all your dental purposes. The A-dec and W&H dental handpieces are designed for the following applications: Removing decayed materials, cavities, and crown cement, removing fillings, or finishing teeth surfaces.

What are the skills requirement for A-dec | W&H handpiece use?

A-dec and W&H handpieces are intended for use only by dental practitioners or by trained dental assistants. They should be used in compliance with health and safety regulations (OSHA), accident prevention laws, the instructions of dentists or physicians that prescribe it to you (e.g., through poor hygiene if not following their procedures), as well as personal protection measures such gloves when cleaning up blood spills (as per CDC Infection Control Guidelines) from the tools during non-medical purposes like removing grime buildup on a surface area where your hands don’t usually touch). The devices may also cause harm if they’re operated improperly because of improper care or maintenance which can lead to infections caused by exposure – epsilon chia (gum disease) is one disease transmitted orally via coughing droplets onto another person.

How do I clean and maintain my A-dec and W&H handpieces?

The handpiece can be processed manually or automatically. Protective clothing and personal protective equipment are necessary for safety reasons when operating the device, as well as cleaning materials such as water to flush out any liquid (such as blood) that may have been left after treatment on the dental burr. The dentist should also clean and disinfect their hands in order to avoid spreading bacteria from one patient’s mouth onto another patients’ mouth during treatments.

When are A-dec | W&H handpiece repairs necessary?

Handpieces are essential for dental practice equipment. They’re used in a number of treatments and they can play an integral role in the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your dental office. Outdated or faulty handpieces will only make things more difficult to maintain standards as well as reduce production rates because it is hard to work with such tools that do not function properly.

When you need W&H or A-dec dental handpiece repair, choose the experts at Hayes. Hayes specializes in W&H|A-dec handpiece repair to ensure quality and reliability for your end result.

Hayes also provides dental handpiece maintenance training for your dental staff in-office and online.

Hayes also specializes in various dental handpiece repair and dental instrument sharpening and retipping. Our experienced technicians have decades of experience working with all major brands of dental handpieces including: