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Talking oral health and disabilities Guide

The video is about the importance of oral health care for people with disabilities.

The speaker is a dental public health specialist who is also a general dental practitioner and is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Plymouth. She talks about how the UAE has adopted the WHO definition of disability, which encompasses impairments such as cognitive, developmental, intellectual, sensory, and restrictions on participation and activity limitations.

She emphasizes the need for professionals to take care of people with disabilities and for their inclusion into the community.

The speaker mentions that dental care for people with disabilities may require certain adaptations, such as lowering the lights or providing specific materials.

The financial burden of caring for people with disabilities is also highlighted, as many dental insurances do not cover necessary treatments. The speaker explains that people with disabilities have different patterns of eruption, jaw development, and resistance to periodontal diseases, and may take medications that affect their oral health. Therefore, individually tailored preventive plans and maintenance are crucial.

The speaker believes that protecting the oral health of people with disabilities starts from home, and caregivers should be provided with the right knowledge and tools to take care of their oral health.

Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste twice a day and having a healthy, well-balanced diet are important for long-term prevention of dental diseases.

She also encourages the dental team to go out into the community to provide preventive messages and oral health advice, which can help reduce fear and anxiety about visiting the dentist.

The industry can support dental teams by manufacturing certain products, such as toothbrushes with special grips, and the government can support people with disabilities through policies, laws, and registrations.

Overall, the video emphasizes the importance of oral health care for people with disabilities and the need for professionals, caregivers, industry, and government to work together to support their oral health and inclusion into the community.

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