The Bien-Air Dental Handpiece Legacy

The Bien-Air Dental Handpiece Legacy

The Bien-Air Handpieces Started

The story of one man’s dedication to improving dental care began in the heart of Switzerland. David Mosimann, a business-minded precision mechanic who spent his coffee breaks chatting with dentists about their work woes and limitations found inspiration when hearing from an old dentist that he wished rotary instruments could perform better. With this knowledge at hand, Mr. Mosimann set out on improving those devices for more efficiency during daily practice which led him to produce quality medical equipment used by many around the world today – including here.

Right from its inception, Bien-Air was ambitious. The company’s first turbines were considered the most reliable and durable on the market since they became popular with dentists for their exceptional precision and performance as a result of innovations in technology that began to take shape during this decade (the 1970s).

Bien-Air has been revolutionizing the medical world for over a century. The company’s expertise and state-of-the-art technologies have proven invaluable in making other types of instruments such as dentistry tools or microsurgery equipment while also drawing attention to their manufacturing process, opening up new horizons for Bien-air. In 2001, they decided that it was time to separate themselves from just one type of product by creating two divisions: Bien-Air Dental and Bien-Air Surgery which focuses on ENT surgery, plastic surgery, and neurosurgery respectively. 

Bien-Air Dental at present is the largest manufacturer of superlative quality micromotors for dental medicine worldwide. Their products are used by dentists around the world and these include:

Bien-Air Dental Turbines

Bien-Air turbines have always been characterized by this perfect balance. In creating the Tornado range, Bien-air is perpetuating a tradition of innovation and high technology. Indeed, our company invented the first-ever reliable turbine way back in 1959. A succession of revolutionary innovations followed: The world’s very first push-button bearing change mechanism; air bearing technology that was cutting edge for its time (and still leading today); quick connect coupling connections which were miles ahead of anything else on the market at their release date – just to mention some examples from among many others are amongst our extensive list achievements.

Bien-Air Straight Handpieces and Contra-Angles

The precision begins with the instruments. A good dentist is nothing without a quality instrument, and Bien-Air offers world-class Swiss microtechnology for every task in dentistry from endodontics to implantology. Designed in Watch Valley, each of these dental handpieces is a perfect masterpiece that has been crafted by combining metalworking skills into an ultra-precise device that creates quietness when used.

Bien-Air Micromotors

Bien-Air’s motors are the most popular in today’s market. Their brushless micromotors redefine modern dental standards with high precision performance and a high level of reliability.

Bien-Air Maintenance Products

The Bien-Air range of maintenance products has four lines: Aquacare, Spraynet, Lubrifluid, and Lubrimed. Each product is made for a specific cleaning stage or lubrication process to make your instruments clean with the best care you can get.

Bien-Air Dental handpieces are the investment of every dentist. That’s why utmost care and maintenance should be taken to keep your Bien- Air Dental Handpiece in top condition for its longevity, efficiency, and performance.

It is important to ensure that you are putting your Bien-air dental handpiece in the hands of a trained and experienced technician. Only authorized companies should be repairing them for safe use.

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