The Hygienist’s Ultimate Guide: Common Oral Pathologies

The Hygienist’s Ultimate Guide: Common Oral Pathologies

Hygienists play a vital role in preventative health care and are often the first line of defense in identifying issues with oral health, which may indicate serious systemic health concerns.

Join Lancette VanGuilder, a leading clinician and internationally-renowned speaker, for a deep dive into common oral pathologies such as papillomas, tumors, vaper’s tongue, and oral manifestations of COVID-19.

Ms. VanGuilder will also review how to identify these pathologies by visually observing soft tissue, reading radiographic images, and verbally confirming health history and status directly with the patient, as well as:
• Concepts of health and disease and the body’s response in the head and neck regions
• How to identify radiopacities and radiolucency on dental images
• How to differentiate appropriate techniques for describing lesions
• How to document lesions accurately in permanent patient records
• The general and oral implications of inflammation and injuries to tissue, risk factors for pathology, and other systemic diseases with oral manifestations

Your patient’s safety is important. Ensure that you follow CDC dental infection control guideline training so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

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