The Hygienist’s Ultimate Guide: Injectable & Topical Anesthetics

The Hygienist’s Ultimate Guide: Injectable & Topical Anesthetics

Painless injections are critical in providing a comfortable patient experience in dentistry. Local anesthesia and corresponding pain management are critical to a variety of dental procedures, and today’s clinicians must be knowledgeable in all aspects of anesthetics, ranging from drug administration to delivery devices and proper techniques.

Join Marion Manski, a registered dental hygienist, educator and renowned expert on local anesthetics, for a refresher course on injectable and topical anesthetics.

Ms. Manski will review basic pharmacology, medical concerns with local anesthesia administration and an overview of drugs utilized, as well as:

➤ How to identify the properties of an ideal anesthetic
➤ The latest research related to pain experienced with injections, including the duration of pain
➤ The importance of a patient’s medical history when identifying appropriate anesthetics for the patient
➤ Understanding the benefits and contraindications of vasoconstrictors

Your patient’s safety is important. Ensure that you manage and maintain your dental equipment so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

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