Time for Your Hayes Monthly Checkup


Time for Your Hayes Monthly Checkup

Service from Hayes just got even easier. We reviewed our most common customer requests and compiled a list of services that we now offer as a convenient Monthly Checkup.

This is an easy way to improve production, limit your downtime, keep patients and employees safe and manage HIPAA, CDC and OSHA compliance. The new Hayes Monthly Checkup will help with all of this – and much more!

3 Ways We Help!


We pick up any handpieces in need of repair. Just place them in the Hayes bin included with your service. We create an account on the Hayes Ticketing system, allowing us to automatically track all repair tickets, warranties and handpiece inventory.


We verify your handpieces and operatory are being properly maintained. We check all manual and automated systems, making sure all lube nozzles are correct for your type of handpieces, and we confirm your maintenance machines are performing properly. We also check waterlines, air pressures and vacuum lines. We train new staff members on preventive maintenance for

handpieces, instruments, operatory equipment and sterilizers.


We update office personnel on any changes with OSHA or the CDC as they relate to infection control in the sterilization area and operatory. We also discuss

HIPAA guidelines as they relate to management of the practice. We assist with CE credit relating to OSHA. For a FREE HIPAA assessment, you may also contact

DDS Rescue directly at (800) 998-9048 ext. 110.

We guarantee the Hayes Monthly Checkup will not interfere with your team or your production. It’s free for all Hayes repair customers.


• Improve production • Limit downtime

• Keep patients and employees safe

• Manage HIPAA, CDC and OSHA compliance