Understanding Infection Prevention Protocols | Hayes Handpiece USA

Understanding Infection Prevention Protocols

This video discusses the importance of infection prevention protocols in dental facilities.

These protocols help standardize infection prevention practices and cover a range of procedures.

They are based on regulations set by regulatory bodies at the local, state, and federal levels. However, staying up-to-date with these regulations can be challenging.

The Green Light Dental Compliance Center provides a One-Stop resource for updated infection prevention guidelines and regulations, making it easier for facilities to create protocols that are compliant with specific requirements.

By following these protocols, dental facilities can help prevent the spread of infection and promote the health and safety of their patients and staff.

Ensure that you follow best practice for CDC infection control guidelines & training so you can protect your patients while operating at maximum efficiency.

Our dental training courses can also be delivered online or in the evenings after patient schedules to ensure there is no disruption to your practice.

For more assistance contact, your local Hayes representative to help ensure that your staff and practice are compliant with your local Hayes Handpiece representative