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What is a Dental Patient Record

What is a patient record?

The patient record provides all privileged parties with the history and details of the patient, assessments, communications, treatment, recommendations, alternatives, risks and care provided.

It can contribute to delivering the best possible care for the patient.

Patient records document the course of treatment and may contain data evaluating the quality of attention to the patient.

The dental record must be authentic accurate legible and objective.
Each patient must have an individual dental record.

It must include each of the following
◼ Specific components:
◼ Initial patient record
◼ New patient record
◼ Patient and family account
◼ Medical and dental history clinical
◼ Assessment diagnosis treatment
◼ Recommendations and progress notes

Ensure that your staff are trained with Dental OSHA Practices when working with your patients.

For more assistance contact your local Hayes Handpiece representative for OSHA, HIPAA and CDC Training Programs.