What Is Corrosion Costing Your Practice?


What Is Corrosion Costing Your Practice?

Corrosion can be a huge problem for handpieces, instruments, and autoclaves. Once there is a problem with corrosion on even one handpiece or instrument, the corrosion can spread to your entire handpiece and instrument inventory. It can also permanently damage your sterilizer. By using surface disinfectants for the initial wipe-down of handpieces, instruments, all types of dental burs, or any attachments, you are doing more harm than good. Surface disinfectants can lead to corrosion for most types of metals.

There are many tips to help you prevent corrosion during each step of the cleaning and sterilizing process. Proper pre-soaking, lubricating, packaging and wrapping and sterilization can all play a role in whether instruments become corroded.

For more information on how your office can avoid corrosion, contact your local Hayes office and set up a STAFF TRAINING session.


Hayes has created Tidy Whities™ Original Handpiece & Instrument Wipes to safely clean without harmful disinfectants. These sterilizer-safe handpiece towelettes are non-corrosive and are designed as the perfect towel for a post-procedure wipe-down of handpieces or instruments—before any sterilization takes place.