Which CBCT is Right for Your Practice? An Industry Expert Weighs In | Guide

Which CBCT is Right for Your Practice? An Industry Expert Weighs In | Guide

The webinar is about finding the best cone beam or CBCT for dental practice, and it is presented by Ty Ramsey, a dental industry expert.

Ty is an unbiased, brand-agnostic consultant who will guide the audience through the process of choosing the best CBCT for their practice.

The presentation aims to educate and enlighten the audience, help them make an informed decision, and show them the impact of adding CBCT to their practice.

The presentation includes a Q&A session. The agenda includes the benefits of CBCT, determining the best CBCT for specific practice, evaluating manufacturers’ offerings, and the impact of adding CBCT to practice. Ty has over 18 years of experience in the dental industry, having worked for companies such as cadent and iCat.

ere are some of the important topics discussed in “Which CBCT is Right for Your Practice?”:

1. Understanding the basics of CBCT technology and how it works.
2. The importance of selecting the appropriate field of view (FOV) based on the clinical application and the specific needs of the practice.
3. Different types of CBCT scanners, such as cone beam, fan beam, and photon counting, and their respective advantages and disadvantages.
4. Factors to consider when selecting a CBCT scanner, such as image quality, patient safety, and software features.
5. How to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a CBCT scanner, including the initial purchase price, ongoing maintenance costs, and potential ROI.
6. The importance of proper training and education for clinicians and staff to ensure safe and effective use of the CBCT scanner.
7. How to integrate CBCT imaging into the practice workflow and improve patient communication and case acceptance.
8. Future trends and developments in CBCT technology, such as improved image resolution, reduced radiation dose, and enhanced software capabilities.

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