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Hayes Handpiece Repair Michigan/Central Indiana is a comprehensive handpiece repair service company that seeks to collaborate with dental office staff to address issues in the handpiece disinfection process. 

Our goal is to assist your practice in implementing recommended maintenance procedures from the manufacturer to keep your handpieces functioning efficiently and extending their lifespan.

We have extensive expertise in handpiece repair and can handle all makes and models, making us your one-stop solution for handpiece repair services and product knowledge. Our team can provide a thorough explanation of CDC guidelines and work with you to modify your protocols to meet those standards. Please check our dental staff training which includes:

Partnering with Hayes Handpiece Repair Michigan/Central Indiana can solve problems, reduce downtime, and ultimately save your dental practice time and money. 

We also repair all kinds of handpieces including:


We serve the Central Indiana area and would be happy to provide a free evaluation and maintenance demonstration. Contact Jerry Sparenberg at 888-811-0268 or 765-282-1246 to learn more.

Hayes Handpiece Repair Cloquet and Duluth MN

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