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Hayes Handpiece Repair Oakmont and West Pennsylvania

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Hayes Handpiece Company of Western Pennsylvania (Hayes-WPA), located in the bustling suburb of Oakmont in Pittsburgh, has been a proud member of the Hayes Handpiece Network for over a decade. 

Owned and operated by the experienced Patrick Connolly, Hayes-WPA is a family-run business that prides itself on delivering top-notch repair, product, and training services to all its clients.

With over 23 years of expertise in the dental industry, Patrick has worked for well-respected companies such as Brasseler USA and Nobel Biocare, providing him with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of dental rotary and implantation. 

This expertise allows him to understand the daily challenges faced by dental professionals and provide cost-effective and efficient solutions for maintaining, repairing, and purchasing the dental equipment and supplies needed in your practice.

Hayes Handpiece Repair Oakmont and West Pennsylvania offers a local, trusted source for high-quality, factory-trained repairs from High-speed Handpieces , Low-speed Handpieces , Electric Handpieces , Endodontic Handpieces , to Surgical Handpieces , all at a fair price.

In addition to repairs, we also sell a variety of consumable products used by dental professionals every day and offer no-cost handpiece maintenance training to you and your staff.

We offer dental staff training:

Don’t wait! Call (412) 828-6849 today to schedule a free handpiece pick-up and to learn more about how Hayes Handpiece Company-WPA can save you and your staff time and money. We are eager to demonstrate the difference that working with a local, experienced, and dedicated team can make.

Hayes Handpiece Repair Oakmont and West Pennsylvania

Patrick Connolly

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