Managing Infection Control When Re-Opening Your Dental Practice


Managing Infection Control When Re-Opening Your Dental Practice

When resuming opening your dental practice with current Covid 19 its important to take note of new guidelines for infection control provided by the CDC.

In this video the ADA have summarised the new areas that you need to consider to minimise community transmission.

  1. Ask patients to wear a face mask. If they do not have one consider providing them one
  2. Check their core temperature. If they are less than 100.4 deg F and not symptomatic then continue with treatment. If they are above 100.4 deg F consider referring them for further medical evaluation.
  3. If you have staff that display symptoms they should seek medical advice, especially if they have a fever
  4. Consider physical barriers such as plexiglass at reception areas between staff and patients
  5. Have correct signage to remind patients about maintaining hygienic standards for coughing/sneezing
  6. Provide alcohol based hand rubs and no touch receptacle throughout your dental practice
  7. Ensure that you manage and maintain your equipment, such as waterlines, autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners etc to reduce the possibility of any transmissions
  8. Where possible try to reduce the number of people in your practice at any one time
  9. Avoid aerosol generating procedures wherever possible/practical

We suggest that you watch the full video to ensure that you understand the recommendations outlined above and their full implications.

For more assistance contact your local Hayes representative to help ensure that your staff and practice are compliant with CDC Guidelines and Infection Control Training

As these guidelines are updated regularly also consider reviewing the latest updates at